Murrayville Elementary


Every Mariner Matters, Every Moment Counts


School Improvement Plan

Team Members

Tim Dominowski
Assistant Principal Representative
Jordan Steinhilber
Teacher Representatives
Alison Bellamy - K (year 2 of term) 
Brittany Lingner - co-chair, 1st (year 2 of term) 
Cheryl Collins- 2nd (year 1 of term) 
Kim Baltezegar- 3rd (year 2 of term) 
Brandy Bryant- 4th (year 1 of term) 
Stephanie Mueller- co-chair, 5th (year 1 of term) 
Kim Kantrowitz- EC (year 1 of term) 
Ryan Beckstein- Specials (year 2 of term) 
Michelle Manis - Support Staff (year 1 of term) 
Kathy Martin- Teacher Assistant (year 1 of term) 
Parent Representatives
Art Davis (year 2 of term)
Danielle Clemmons (year 2 of term)
Nancy Ridgeway (year 1 of term)

Meeting Dates and Minutes