Murrayville Elementary


Every Mariner Matters, Every Moment Counts



  • Murrayville Elementary School is located off Murrayville Road on Mabee Way.

  • If you are going north on College Road you will take the 420B exit and come onto 132.

  • You will make a right turn at the light which is at the Lowe's Food Store.

  • You will go exactly 1.3 miles.

  • You will make two fairly sharp turns, one left and one right.

  • As you make the turn at the right curve you will see the Boer Goat Farm sign on the right. You are going to make a left turn just before this sign. If you pass the sign you have gone too far.

  • This is Mabee Way. Go to the end of this road . You will have to make a left turn. You are in the parking lot of the school.